Follow Your Dreams T-Shirts

Reminds you to follow your dream and to never give up on yourself or your dreams.

This tee comes in long sleeve and short sleeve. 

It also comes in gold print and silver print

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Life Changing, Extraordinary, Breakthrough Content. Are you ready to have a mind shift from ordinary to extraordinary?
Are you ready to go to another level in your singleness? Are you really ready to find out what it takes to prepare your heart and mind for God to bless you with your BOAZ?

You are more precious than rubies.You never have to settle for less than God's best for you. Let me show you how to declare your season. Single Ladies with children, you are not disqualified from receiving your BOAZ.
This is a must read for all Single ladies.
Principles, Values and Standards to live by before your BOAZ arrives.

25AttitudesYou Must Have for a





Long Sleeves

How to be an Extraordinary Single Lady


Angela Ewharekuko author/products and service/coach angie

Get instant access digital download! "25 Attitudes You Must Have For A Breakthrough." I have put together my best breakthrough principles that has helped me received breakthroughs over and over again, and now I want to share my secrets with you, because I truly love seeing people succeed.

I want to help you fast track your dreams and goals this year. If you put into action everything I share with you, I guarantee you, that you will see change right away! The key to this is, you must put these attitudes and principle into practice everyday and be intentional about it.

These are simple but powerful principles and attitudes that I practice in my on life and as a result of it, I've seen major breakthroughs. Some of the things you would start to notice is that you have more peace, be more happier, more confident of your future and you will begin to see your goals and dream unfold right before your eyes. Some of things I have experienced in my own life are:

  •     Breakthrough Healing
  •     Financial increase
  •     Hearts desire
  •     Increase in favor
  •     Next level connection
  •     More order in my life
  •     New business ideas
  •     Breakthrough to a better marriage
  •     Release from people pleasing
  •     Breakthrough to being my authentic self

It takes being bold, being brave and being you to live any dreams that you want to manifest in your life. This Tee reminds you of that whenever you wear it. 

This Tee comes in long sleeve and short sleeves.

Short Sleeve is 15.00 and long sleeve is 20.00.


Comes in youths sizes to XL

any size over XL is 5 dollars extra. Comes in any color shirt with glitter words. The words comes in pink, gold, silver, blue, white, red, purple. 
Give me size and color of shirt and color words.

Angela Ewharekuko author/products and services/Coach Angie 

Angela Ewharekuko Christian Life Coach

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No Boundaries Breakthrough 

​​     20.00

Dare To Dream Big

Are you ready to Dream Big for your life? If you are, you must read Dare to Dream Big. It talks about how to defeat the thoughts in your mind that is keeping you defeat from living the life you were always created live. God has ordained you before the foundation of the world to walk in greatness.You were always created for something more! Unless you overcome the things that's holding you back you will continue to live an ordinary existence. Let Dare to Dream Big show you how to breakthrough barriers, strongholds and wrong mindsets. Some people think it is God's will for them to be unhappy, unfulfilled and just accepting what life throws at them. Let me show you that is not true and how to change that so you can walk in breakthrough abundance for your life! Purchase a copy of Dare to Dream and watch your whole thinking shift into new realms of possibilities! Purchase your copy from and purchase another copy to bless a friend or love one. Dare to Dream Big comes in paper back print and Kindle.

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